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Oliver Camponovo provides valuable insights

The economic reality is a constantly transforming, responding to global situations on a daily – if not hourly basis. Oliver Camponovo provides valuable insights on the economic situation, the state of the stock market and investment funds. His self publications cover a wide range of subjects, from the Coronavirus which manipulated the economic status quo to the influence of modern technology such as Blockchain, AI and virtual events. Camponovo provides a variety of self publications aimed at providing valid, up to date and thought provoking questions and answers to situations and dilemas that face the investor of today.

Many of his articles are published in Italian, on websites that support only the Italian language. This page provides a collection of the those articles translated in English with appropriate links to the original Camponovo publication.

Oliver Campnovo can be contacted for further information or explanation at the contact information provided in the links below.

Oliver Camponovo Self Published Articles

Covid Market Implications

During the 2020 CoVid19 crisis, I have been pointing out how to manage the situation on positioning investments conservatively.

Investments and the ESG Factor

investors are incorporating ESG factors into the investment process, integrating sustainability elements can have an impact on your income


CoVID-19 found an easy prediction for growth 2.0 in this vulnerable system.

Blockchain: Environment & Recycling

The use of blockchain technology can track waste disposal habits, promote recycling practices with reward systems, to create plastic identification